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Wish you could discover direction and set yourself up for success?

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Nice to meet you! I'm Vanessa...

I work with Individuals, Leaders and Teams to find solutions to what keeps you up at night!

I help Individuals work through the messy, complicated “stuff” to master their head and heart space to create lasting change.

I help Entrepreneurs and Businesses develop self-aware, autonomous Leaders and Teams that achieve commercial and personal success without getting lost in the process.

My Integrated Coaching and Therapy Model is a powerful fusion of Transpersonal Coaching, Counselling, Family Systems, Psycho-Social and Developmental Psychology, that gets to the core of the issue/s and builds resolution from the inside out.

"Coaching moves you from here to there and Therapy deals with the complex stuff in between".

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Understanding human dynamics, embracing differences, and learning how to help each team member shine is the key to a successful and productive work environment.

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For organizations seeking to improve performance on crucial business outcomes, strengths-based development is a proven solution. This course focuses on just that, your people doing what they do best, naturally.

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Give yourself a boost. As seasons change it’s a great time to clear away clutter from your mind, body and environment.

Life takes many twists and turns and even with a clear vision and a sense of purpose some events leave us stumped!

Once you have a clear vision, you need to back it up with the knowledge and skills to follow through with action.

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