“Vanessa is an outstanding Coach. She achieves astounding results that positively affect peoples lives, careers and relationships”. Leofric Kingsford-Smith

“From day one I knew I needed support which is why I chose to work with Vanessa. I knew she had the strength, courage and determination to support me through this time, and also help me to achieve my goal.” Peter S

I began working with Vanessa on a holistic approach to my health and well – being after I was diagnosed with Crohn’sdisease in 2008. My Crohn’s had manifested as an acute condition and I required the kind of sincere and specialised care that Vanessa offers. Vanessa has a deep understanding of people and of the nature of Crohn’s disease. This added dimension of care has helped me to reconsider my own illness and contemplate truly embracing wellness.

I have personally found that Vanessa possesses the tools to help facilitate profound healing. Vanessa has been very sensitive tomy needs and her support and guidance demonstrates how seriously she takes her duty of care. I would recommend anyone seek out Vanessa’s personal and professional wisdom. Thank you Vanessa! Chloe May 2009