Why Me?

Knowledge, experience and tangible results – 15 years as an integrative holistic practitioner as well as walking my talk, has taught me a lot. Our working relationship is draws upon Health & Wellness, Transformational Life Coaching, Counselling, Human Development and Evolution theories, methodologies and strategies that create real and sustainable change.

This experience, skill and wisdom is gratefully received through 1000′s of shared journies, with clients from all over the world, walks of life, cultures and unique histories.

My Motivation

My passion is people and helping you to enhance potential and quality of life, academically speaking I hold professional qualifications as Master Personal Trainer, Transformational Life Coach and Counsellor, and currently completing a degree in Psychology, majoring in Neuroscience.

 Change with meSUCCESS HQ – COACHING

Life requires us to show up each and everyday and some days are more challenging than others!

Having a coach means an impartial witness to your life’s ups and downs, your own personal cheersquad if you like, guiding, supporting and assisting you to find your sweet spot, whether that’s Health, Career, Relationships or a sense of Purpose and living a meaningful life.

Sessions available, face to face & Skype (Internationally). Let’s Talk.

” Vanessa is an outstanding Coach. She achieves astounding results that positively affect peoples lives, careers and relationships. Vanessa combines a deep understanding of human behaviour with a practical and pragmatic approach in her coaching. I would recommend Vanessa to anyone who has made the decision to effect change in their life”.

Leofric Kingsford-Smith

SUCCESS HQ – COUNSELLINGlets talk Change with me

With many challenges that life brings moving on & learning wise lessons from the past, living in the now and getting out of our way of future success we sometimes find ourselves stuck in old unhelpful patterns. Counselling works beautifully with Coaching to get to the bottom of unconscious beliefs, stuck emotions and limiting beliefs to create a healing pathway to become more empowered and move forward with a calmer heart & clearer mind. Sometimes we need a little extra help to get from A to B, from pain to pleasure. Let’s Talk

” Counselling with Vanessa makes me feel better about everything in my life. Our work together makes me feel accepted, “normal”, alive and purposeful.” Kate W


 Change with me

 FIT & WELL – 12 Week Transformations

If you have ever tried to lose weight, get fit, improve your health or lifestyle choices you will know it’s more than diet and exercise. Fit & Well integrates 8 main areas of wellness along with a wellspring of support & education facilitating sustainable change.

       12 weeks to a fitter, stronger and healthier you after learning how all of these areas affect your body, thoughts and emotions. Program comes with a Fit & Well e – journal to track your progress, avoid sabotages and create tangible and lasting results.

“I highly recommend Vanessa from Success HQ – with her guidance I have been able to move forward in my life and to have the freedom to pursue my passion and create the vision I want in my life”.  Lisa Chanell
  See for yourself