logo 150x150 What is Counselling?What is Counselling?

Counselling is an integrated and effective approach that can enable and enhance life transformation, whole health care, healing, personal growth and soul-centered living.

This approach draws upon up-to-date research and practice in the fields of transpersonal psychology, counselling, wholistic health care, mind-body medicine, the healing arts, life coaching and psychotherapy.

Counselling as a process focuses on enhancing the psychological well-being of the client, such that the client is then able to reach their full potential. This is achieved by the counsellor facilitating your personal growth, development, and self-understanding, which in turn empowers you to adopt more constructive life practices.

Counselling may be helpful in a number of ways. It can enable you to develop a clearer understanding of your concerns and help you acquire new skills to better manage personal and educational issues. The counsellor can offer a different perspective and help you think of creative solutions to problems. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone not personally involved in your life can be most helpful.


Your counsellor treats all the information you share as confidential material. The counsellors are involved in case consultations and supervision for the purposes of best practice. These meetings involve discussion of clients concerns with the aim of formulating the best possible assessment and intervention plan. Where possible, the identifying personal information is removed from the discussion.

The Counselling process:

The counselling process will depend on the individual counsellor, the individual client and the specific issue. However, there is a general counselling process that the counsellors will follow:

  1. Background information collection
  2. Identification of core issues
  3. Case formulation
  4. Goal setting for the therapeutic process
  5. Implementation of intervention
  6. Evaluation of intervention
  7. Closure



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