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Many of our modern health issues can be traced back to our Lifestyle choices,
this is great news because in making different choices now you begin the
Lifestyle Coaching is focused on solutions and making these changes as easy
as possible.

Your Coach is with you every step of the way as we do understand whilst
change can be challenging at times, it is achieveable.

pt%20interview LifestyleSteps of change.
1.  Begins with a thorough assessment
generating a detailed report of your
current state of Health
2.  Your Coach will discuss with you the
best place to start and build awareness of
what is and isn’t working for you now.
3.  Create a success plan to follow,
introducing these changes and making
them easier.
4.  Test and measure the change strategies – i.e what’s getting best results
because you are an individual and one size doesn’t fit all.
5.  Enjoy the feeling of improved health, well being, reduced waistline,
improved life balance less stress and vitality.