successHQ logo small e1316953945505 What is Coaching?Coaching is a simple yet effective form of personal development where the Client and Coach create an alliance that promotes and sustains the Client’s personal growth and competence. This powerful relationship enables the Client to give up who they are for who they want to become.

Successful coaching works with individuals in their personal life, executives and others in business, individuals in their professional life, and with teams or groups; to develop their effectiveness particularly in working with change.

Many of us have big plans about what we want to do, who we want to be and what we want to become. Often we never actually do anything about it. Some of us are successful in our own terms, but still find a feeling of emptiness inside ourselves.

Life without purpose is hardly a life at all. Hence that feeling that something is missing, the big question of why we are here, or how we can achieve our dream (personal or professional).

fish jumping1 150x123 What is Coaching?The Coach aids the Client in finding out what is important and what helps to create a purposeful life that promotes the qualities or ideals; enabling the Client to live a fuller and richer life. Coaching helps the Client identify what is important and how to use their skills to foster it. Coaching builds skills and abilities for effective relationships – personal and professional. Coaching identifies when teamwork is important and helps the Client to develop their skills.

Coaching paves the way for more effective decision-making – in both the Client’s personal life and to create higher levels of¬†organisational effectiveness. Coaching works with the Client to improve their communication skills through dialogue, inquiry and positive interactions that create awareness, purpose, competence and well-being.

Resource: International Institute of Coaching.


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