“Vanessa is an outstanding Coach. She achieves astounding results that positively affect peoples lives, careers and relationships. Vanessa combines a deep understanding of human behaviour with a practical and pragmatic approach in her coaching.I would recommend Vanessa to anyone who has made the decision to effect change in their life. Her coaching is particularly relevant to the area of career growth”. Leofric Kingsford-Smith

Interview with Kate S

C: How would you describe me personally and professionally?

K: “Personally – lovely, kind, honest, humorous and patient”. Professionally – professional, honest, patient, clear, lovely, kind, appropriately humerous and very very focussed….on me while you are with me”!

C: What are the things you enjoy most about our work together?

K: “I really like that I feel  we are the only people for miles and miles during my sessions and that you utilise all your knowledge to enhance so many different aspects of my journey. You are a very genuine person and this makes you an amazing guide/counsellor/teacher”. Kate S


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