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Who is Vanessa Auditore?

Vanessa’s pioneering approach to transpersonal development empowers individuals, organisations and teams to achieve purposeful, inspired and motivated action, rise above challenges and thrive Personally and Professionally.

Ideal for those committed to mindful growth and development with the desire to reconnect with their strengths, sense of purpose and succeed on their terms.

Vanessa combines the most effective elements of coaching, psychotherapy and neuroscience to impact sustainable growth and change.

What I can help you with.

  • Personal & Professional Development
  • People and Culture Transformations
  • Strengths Development
  • Mindset & Healthy Emotions
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Self belief and confidence
  • Resolve Sabotage and barriers to success patterns
  • Trauma informed approach

Coaching and Therapy

Coaching moves you from here to there.

(Outcome driven goals)


Therapy deals with the “stuff” in between

(What gets in the way of achieving outcomes).

Personal Coaching

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Team Coaching

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