Not all relationships, whether friendships, partnerships or intimate ones are destined to last a lifetime.

A reason , A season a Lifetime is one of my favourite quotes by author unknown as it describes a lot of my work as a Counselor and Coach.

When we truly know ourselves from the inside out it is much easier to identify who fits where and to act accordingly with care.

A reason will bring someone into our lives to serve a purpose in that moment , it might be someone offering you a hand with the shopping, never to be seen again

A season may bring someone into our lives for a few short months to help us to really “get” something that will help us to evolve and grow as a human being in those months

A Lifetime well those people are really special and connected to you at a core level, they are people you have chose to accompany and be companioned by on your life’s trek through the ups and downs, the ins and outs of change, growth and hopefully evolution, to be all we can be, here now.

Sometimes we are grateful for an ending and even relieved and sometimes it brings great sorrow and sadness that touches the very core of our soul.

What ever your experience A reason, A season A Lifetime, look for and embrace the opportunities and then take the necessary steps to honour your own heart and soul.
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