Sacred Centre is built on a wholistic vision for health, development, growth and evolution.

More and more people are “waking” up to the experience of themselves as “separate ” selves and making the decision to reunite.

How we move, feel, think, sense and intuit are coming into clearer view for many as all of these aspects of the “self” are important to have a working conscious knowledge of and they do come together more organically than people realise.

After all at the end of the day these are all aspects of you to begin with.

Often change is preceded by pain or fear, pain from the existing patterns, fear of the unknown, fear of the known and the lists can stretch on for a while.

Recently I put together a theory based on two existing development and change strategies Secure vs Insecure attachment (bowlby) and Motivation strategies Extrinsic & Intrinsic. I am observing the translation into everyday life for people.

The theory goes something like this:

People who as children are securely attached often become intrinsically motivated through life which means when they are working toward a goal they are self motivated to achieve. Often they have a high degree of self efficacy ie: know what to do when things go wrong, don’t take things personally or perceive the “self” to be a failure rather they find a way to either adjust their environment or their behaviour in the environment to enhance their ability to succeed in life.
Self efficacy is more common

Possibly more able to feel safe and confident in the world & less anxious big picture and less attached to details as a control strategy.

These individuals are strong in all areas of contextual, experiential and componential intelligence.

People whom are insecurely attached in childhood often creates extrinsic motivation seeks belonging & validation externally

Deep need to heal child through self re – parenting building & creating self efficacy, self esteem and value, solidify a sense of safety in the world.

Can be prone to anxiety & or depressive disorders. Trust can be issue and family systems projections

Worth ie money / love models can become dysfunctional due insecure attachment creating a fearful expectation of the world and often creating self fulfilling prophosies of further trauma and or abuse of self through self sabotage or poor personal boundaries with others.

Deep connection with self, developed sense of higher self ( not to say that securely attached intrinsically motivated people wouldn’t also practice or benefit from this practice)and consistencies with stable healthy intimate relationships with self and others will help to heal this.

Tendency for Structure and details

May be high achievers looking for “the one thing” that unconsciously will make them worthy, of love, attention, recognition, validation etc needs.

This theory is an observation of an aspect of my work as a PT, Life Coach & counsellor in my endeavour to better understand human being to better assist in their healing journeys, please note these observations are not meant as generalisations or rules.

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