Vanessa Auditore


Hello there,

As far back as I can remember, people have told me their stories.

Stories of struggles and challenges in life, perhaps hoping to be heard, untangle their thoughts or unburden their hearts.

I have always been a curious and caring sort, willing to listen.

For one reason or another, I was also able to ask the right questions that helped people delve a little deeper, become more curious about themselves in the process, lighten the load and feel hopeful even.

This later became my profession as I witnessed how this exchange deeply nourishes all that makes us human.

It really matters to be heard, to share, to connect and find a way forward.

All humans want life to be better, to make the struggles a little easier, the challenges more surmountable, even to have a purpose and meaning from which to shape what comes next. To grow.

The role of Coach and Therapist feels natural to me.

My professional experience spans 20 years (and growing), responding to and supporting the lives of others unfolding before me, academia, 1000’s of conversations about life and how to improve one’s experiences.

Combine this with my own life and business lessons and my passion for solving complex problems, I created a model that combines the magic of both disciplines.

I believe that our hearts can tell us more than any book, theory or spreadsheet ever could and our growth comes from learning to listen, decipher and take action.

I look forward to hearing your story.


 My Integrated Coaching and Therapy Model is a powerful fusion of Transpersonal Coaching, Counselling, Family Systems, Psycho-Social and Developmental Psychology.

I help Individuals work through the messy, complicated “stuff” and master their head and heart space to create lasting change.

I help Entrepreneurs and Businesses develop self-aware, autonomous Leaders and Teams that achieve commercial and personal success without getting lost in the process.