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Timing is the essential ingredient in life. Often we meet challenges that require a good sense of timing. How we handle this challenge is as important as everyone is different. Some of us are visionaries, is so much as we have a big picture and a sense of urgency to maximise any and all relevant opportunities that come our way to explore, create and dream big dreams, to make it happen.

For others a more laid back go with the flow and allow things to present themselves in their own good time approach works too, although not very well for a visionary. Same can be said for the “go with the flow” preference as the intensity of the big picture can be overwhelming.

Matching styles and approaches is important as both are required to build anything on a solid foundation.

When approaching a task solo we do need to develop the skills of big picture and detail to make the necessary steps bringing these dreams to life!

When we work with others we can establish the best fit for each role, enhancing the strengths of all and create learning opportunities to share best practices. Conflicts often arise in relationships of all kinds when this is not acknowledged and respected.

Timing is important to allow both perspectives to shine and add value. When all contributors to a relationship respect and attempt to understand the value of each contribution then growth can be prolific. No one approach is perfect or complete, that’s why we need each other.

This leads me to our human need, which is to belong, to have a sense of contribution and to a sense of purpose. Sometimes it’s just as simple as learning to respect and value another perspective and having the patience and wisdom to understand the value of timing. In doing so we have the opportunity to learn from our own strengths and challenges and teach that as well as learn from a differing perspective, while continuing to get on with our own personal endeavors in a way that holds meaning for us.

All in good time isn’t about the minutes, hours, days, months that we tick off, it’s about not being ticked off by the need for the minutes, hours, days or months that may be required to meet somewhere in the middle!

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Vanessa Auditore – Human Behaviour and Well being Specialist

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