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Anxiety & Depression suffers can benefit greatly from Exercise, Nutrition & Lifestyle changes.

Due to the differing nature of the symptoms of Anxiety & Depression, different forms of exercise will assist each issue

For example people who are challenged by anxiety attacks and symptoms will greatly benefit from more “zen” types of activities like walking, yoga, meditation, endurance resistance training. These activities help to regulate adrenalin which is overstimulated for an anxiety sufferer.

Depression is the opposite if you will, as a sense of “blackness” or dark night of the soul descends it can leave a person feeling lethargic and low in energy. It may be beneficial to stimulate the adrenals, ***although one must consider if the adrenals are actually overstimulated as this person may actually be exhausted from a hidden inner driver, hence creating an opportunity to rest via the lethargy that a depressed energy state can cause.

(Please note these are complex issues that require individual diagnosis and treatment plan, please consult your health professional to discuss opportunities to address lifestyle factors such as exercise and nutrition as a support to other treatment protocols that may be required by the individual)

Exercise that increases the heart rate like a light jog / run, hills, spin classes, cycling as well as functional resistance training can assist in building strength both physically and emotionally , helping to empower the person to better navigate periods of depression. Yoga and meditation have also proven to be beneficial tools creating an opportunity to deepen one’s inner experiences through mindfulness practice.

Mind fullness practice is not about thinking its about the space in between thoughts.
In both anxiety and depression mindfulness practice is essential to begin to create possibility of choice in though and subsequent behaviour choices.

If you are suffering either anxiety or depression please consult your health care provider to assist in deciding a best course of treatment of which exercise, nutrition & lifestyle are factors

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