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“Who am I”? he said from the outside looking in.

Sitting with the light behind his head, light he seeks in the fractured sense of self, a connection that gets lost among the disordered mind that speaks from many and varied selves. This is the view from a young man living with schizophrenia.

Mental health affects those we love and in turn our very selves. Look around and you will see all to common the torture that this kind of loss of well being brings.

Managing your health is the best investment you can make, without it life is made a confusing struggle. Unravelling the complexity begins with a step in another direction, even when you don’t have a map!

Observing people and their struggles is a regular professional experience for me and I am always humbled by their tenacity, perseverance and courage to find another way through and or out of the fog. Sometimes they stumble, sometimes they fall and each time they find the will to get up and try once more, each step honed by the challenges that came before.

Investment in people will always offer returns. Returns that may be unconventional measures, yet can literally lift you off the floor.

Take a moment today to enquire of self or another: How are you, what’s the view like from behind the windows that our human eyes see.

Vanessa Auditore – Coach, Counsellor, Human Development Facilitator

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