Welcome to Fit for Good

Fit for Good is the fitness industry’s charitable foundation designed to provide health and fitness opportunities for Australians in need.

Fit for Good is a CONNECTOR. We seek out established needs within the helping world and strive to fill those needs through our volunteers, donated products and services, scholarships and financial contributions. These needs can include things like:

* Teaching fitness or well-being classes at homeless or rehabilitation centres
* Mentoring people in need to go on a health and wellbeing journey
* Delivering seminars on all aspects of health and fitness
* Providing scholarships to attain Cert III or Cert IV in Fitness for people who have overcome hardship
* Providing fitness centre memberships to those who cannot afford them
* Providing exercise footwear and clothing to people in need
* Sourcing second-hand fitness equipment to equip small fitness facilities in helping centres….and much more!

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