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Corporate Wellness – Reaping the benefits study

Corporate Wellness Programs (CWP) in Singapore: CWP have seen growing recognition throughout the years as organisations have begun to emphasise lifestyle and health campaigns within their internal environment. Singapore has started to offer these programs in order to “reap the benefits” of CWP investments. Findings in studies indicate a generally greater positive attitude towards their […]

Addictive vs Healthy Relationships

Navigating relationships — both platonic and romantic — often can be a complicated and multi-layered task. Even the act of defining what is normal and healthy in relationships can be daunting. Many healthy relationships have some addictive qualities to them, and extreme intensity relationship themes often are present in the media. That which makes for […]

6 Small Changes that Make a Big Difference: Part 2

Small changes in six specific areas can make a big difference in your life. New studies in neuroscience show the importance of integrating what some have deemed “therapeutic lifestyle changes” (TLCs) into traditional methods of therapy. These changes enhance therapeutic results, promote wellness, decrease stress, and facilitate the development of new neural connections, which increases […]

6 Small Changes that Make a Big Difference: Part 1

Katie wakes up from another night of not nearly enough hours of sleep. Her life always seems to have such a crazy pace that she feels the need to stay up late to catch up on things she wasn’t able to get to during “normal” working hours. She decides to forsake the gym this morning […]

The Happy Medium

Life is, to many people, mysterious and even miraculous. For us all, existence comes to an end proverbially rapidly. En route to death, and perhaps in contemplation of it, many will experience existential angst, cosmic loneliness and a search for meaning. Challenges and difficulties will be encountered by everyone. As former prime minister Julia Gillard […]

Meditation to reduce fight or flight response.

A new study reveals that practitioners of meditation experience changes in gene expression that are the exact opposite of what occurs during the “flight or fight” stress response. Specifically, genes associated with energy metabolism, mitochondrial function, insulin secretion, and telomere maintenance are turned on, while those involved in inflammation are turned off. These effects are […]

6 Ways to Stress Less at Work

Today’s employees are expected to do more with less, which has become a major source of stress at work, said Vicki Hess, RN and author of SHIFT to Professional Paradise: 5 Steps to Less Stress, More Energy & Remarkable Results at Work. Other sources of stress on the job include worries about performing well as […]

A Gut Feeling: Probiotics and Changes in Brain Activity

Give yogurt some more brownie points. It’s been known for some time that one’s gastrointestinal tract functions in essence as one’s “second brain”, lined with hundreds of millions of neurons. In fact, the gut manufactures more dopamine and serotonin, important neurotransmitters that powerfully influence mood and motivation, than does the “head” brain. The accepted view […]

Resilience. What is it and strategies for creating it.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity and stress, a key quality for your emotional and physical health. Resilience is important for everyday stresses too.  In a recent article in Scientific Mind, the authors cite this 2002 quote by Dean Becker, a founder of a resilience-training firm:  ”More than education, more than experience, more than […]

Why Exercise helps to Manage Stress

Exercise may improve mental health by helping the brain cope better with stress, according to research into the effect of exercise on neurochemicals involved in the body’s stress response. Preliminary evidence suggests that physically active people have lower rates of anxiety and depression than sedentary people. But little work has focused on why that should […]

The Now Effect, How urgent is it really?

Whether you like it or not companies know exactly how to get in your brain and control what you’re paying attention to. Everything today is about tricking our brains into a state of urgency. Think about how the news is delivered, “Breaking News.” Or how about how your phones is configured, everything plays to a […]

Healthy vs Fad diets

We’ve all heard the term ‘fad diet’: It’s about the diets that become popular when movie stars ‘tell all’. They usually claim to offer massive weight loss in the shortest possible space of time and exclude one or more of the essential food groups. There’s been the low-carb diet, the high-protein diet, the grapefruit diet, […]

The Big 5 Personality Traits – Short Quizz

Five Dimensions of Personality? Personality researchers have proposed that there are five basic dimensions of personality. Today, many contemporary personality psychologists believe that there are five basic dimensions of personality, often referred to as the “Big 5” personality traits. Previous trait theorist had suggested a various number of possible traits, including Gordon Allport’s list of […]

Stress Less & Start Living!

You might think that you’re coping admirably with modern day challenges, and that any mood swings or irritability on your part have more to do with the incompetence of others than your own stress levels. You may, of course, be right. But you may also just be under more stress than you realise. Short-term (acute) […]

Walk your way to Fitness

Most medical professionals, researchers and fitness leaders now agree that walking, once seen as the poor cousin of jogging, is one of the best ways to get fit and healthy. Walking requires little specialist equipment, can be done anywhere and is ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels. So, why not hit the […]

Vanessa Auditore – ABC radio interview. Obesity becoming the norm

Listen here: TIM PALMER: Could it be that Australians be getting too comfortable with being fat? A new report suggests over 60 per cent of the country is overweight or obese and that we’re starting to think that this is normal. It seems timely then that Obesity Australia has at the same time launched […]

The 6 people you need in your corner.

Nothing incredible is accomplished alone. You need others to help you, and you need to help others. With the right team, you can form a web of connections to make the seemingly impossible practically inevitable. The Instigator: Someone who pushes you, who makes you think. Who motivates you to get up and go, and try, […]

Powerful thoughts

Our thoughts are nothing other than powerful! Whether they empower you or reduce you to an anxious / depressed mess too fatigued to get out of bed then it’s time for a clean out. Like everything that is alive it changes and so do our thoughts need to to reflect the new opportunities of everyday. […]

Safe Haven – changing the cycles

I as a therapist, woman, mother, friend, human being feel really angry about what abuse takes away from people. All forms of abuse leave a lasting impact that take years sometimes generations to heal and sadly some never do. As  therapist I am trained to put my emotions aside and attend to the needs of […]