Beautiful mind

“Who am I”? he said from the outside looking in. Sitting with the light behind his head, light he seeks in the fractured sense of self, a connection that gets lost among the disordered mind that speaks from many and varied selves. This is the view from a young man living with schizophrenia. Mental health […]

Time is a wonderful gift.

As we find ourselves at the end of another year and poised to begin anew remember to take and make time to give the gift of your presence as a present. Often Christmas brings out our need to share our deepest gratitude and expression of love through gifts wrapped under the tree and also remember […]

Slow down don’t move so fast you want to make the moments last!

Life in the fast lane takes it’s toll, whether it’s stress, poor health or conflicted relationships Taking time out to stop and enjoy the moment is what’s meant by living in the now, a concept made famous by many a self help or personal development facilitator Yet how does one actually do it? A few […]

Fit & Well 12 week transformations – Motivation Tips

Fit & Well Online coming soon – Register today 1. Maintain focus Why are you exercising? What do you want to achieve? These are the most important reasons why you are exercising regularly and monitoring your nutrition. Your goals are the key to staying motivated, write them down and look at your goal’s everyday, focusing […]

Simple connections mean alot.

How often do you stop to consider the simple things? A beautiful sunrise, sunset or listening to a the birds singing happily in the trees. Life gets busy, minds overstimulated, so much to do, dreams to realise, maintaining the balance can all get a little much, can’t much going on yet so little real […]

Slow it down!

Does it feel like life is running at a million miles? Learning how to slow down and allow your biology to catch up is a great investment of your time and energy. When we are rushing our minds go into overwhelm, our heart rate increases and we can behave in a way that later makes […]

Fit & Well HealthyMeTv

Vanessa Auditore – HealthyMeTv presenter for Body Transformation series shares her Fit & Well program for ultimate success in living a Fit & Well life. If you have ever struggled to lose weight, get fit or change your lifestyle this program is for you!


Vulnerability as described by Brene Brown in her bestseller Daring Greatly. “Vulnerability is not knowing victory or defeat, it’s understanding the necessity of both, it’s engaging. It’s being all in”. This wonderful research helps to shed the light on what ties up us in knots and it’s largely shame. Shame is such a painful emotion, […]