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Vanessa Auditore – ABC radio interview. Obesity becoming the norm

Listen here: TIM PALMER: Could it be that Australians be getting too comfortable with being fat? A new report suggests over 60 per cent of the country is overweight or obese and that we’re starting to think that this is normal. It seems timely then that Obesity Australia has at the same time launched […]

What does it take to succeed in the science Natural Body Building

Prep for IFBB Nationals was a recent challenge I undertook, I am a keen observer of human behaviour, performance and adaption strategies. What does it take to succeed in a sport that is determined by so many factors, how our minds function / or not so well under physical and neurological stress and of course […]

Telstra Business Women’s Awards Nominee 2012

I am deeply touched to have received this notification, a part of which I have attached below. Dear Vanessa You have been nominated for the 2012 Telstra Business Women’s Awards. As a nominee, you now have the opportunity to enter the Awards be part of something special. The Awards celebrate the extraordinary achievements of inspirational […]

Vitamins – What are they?

Vitamins are needed for health, growth, and reproduction. Our bodies can not manufacture vitamins (apart from vitamin D) and they must be obtained in the diet.  Historical perspective Long before vitamins were identified, certain foods were known to cure certain illnesses. The Egyptians, as well as the Ancient Greeks, treated night blindness with liver extracts […]

Health & Lifestyle Seminars

Our inspiring and educational seminars are offered as a part of the 12 week transformation package as well as an open invitation to come and see what we have to offer you on your journey toward complete wellness. Seminars are held at Centre of Wellness, 31 Atchison St, St leonards NSW 2065 Seminars Wednesday 16th […]

Competition prep – week 13

After a week off from blogging due to too many commitments all landing at the same time, welcome back. This week has been about reality checks and reassessments of all things me. You may recall from many of my previous entries I am very clear about the benefits of balance, after 4 weeks of High […]

Competition Prep – week 12

Below is a beautiful affirmation that I found particularly inspiring this week. It’s been a life changer the past few weeks as I get closer and yet further away I know it’s a paradox. I believe that competition prep is completely transformative on all levels that one can feel so together and so separate at […]


News Feature from Female body builders defy nature and bust the boundaries of what many believe to be socially acceptable in terms of femininity. Many have thighs and back muscles that are more developed than the average man, and they are proud of it. But, this is only when they are competing. The female […]

Competition ready – week 10

Monday With a short week on the horizon with Easter and Uni assignments due this is one hectic week and what do you do when faced with a to do list that is longer than your arm? STOP….. Yep that’s right STOP and reassess priorities based on what will make the most impact with the […]

Competition Ready – Week 9

Monday after a very frustrating experience with wordpress and writing a whole week of training experience that got “lost” somewhere in the ether I am now writing a proof first! Today was HIT (High Intensity) training week number two with a few tweaks from lessons learned last week and feeling on track. A few emotional […]

Competition prep – week 8

Monday new program begins, giant sets with higher reps circuit style to maximise time under tension the objective now is get tighter, leaner and improve condition. I have had a variety of feedback since my physique is really starting to come through, some people like it and some don’t and that’s all pretty normal we […]

Competition ready – week 7

Monday last week of heavier sets and with some lovely budding lean muscle time to cut back and see what I have gained. Today core and yoga to set the body up well for the week Tuesday Big session tonight feeling particularly challenged, I am very excited about taking the journey to the next level […]

Competition ready – Week 6

Monday the Arnold Classic has been on in US and some amazing physiques taking the stage enjoying all of the hard work that it’s taken to get there, impressive. Nathan Page IFBB international judge whom I will be meeting with next week …. very excited posted some photos, now this gorgeous athlete on the end […]

Competition ready – week 4

Wow, 4 weeks in already and what a journey so far, I have been pushed to my limits physically, overcome a few emotional hurdles that come with pushing past previous levels of performance and all in all I am having a ball. I’m not sure whether it’s experience and wisdom (this is my 4th competition) […]

Competition ready – Transformation week one

The decision to compete again came about for several reasons: I met a fellow exercise enthusiast, passionate about training and we inspired each other to refocus our training and do what we love, enter George, you will remember from the first post is now my training partner, known as “G” we support each other through […]

The challenge begins… Are you ready for the next adventure

Vanessa Auditore Director of Success HQ & Centre of Wellness today has decided to compete again in Natural Body Building, (drug free, real food and balance). Vanessa has competed 3 times previously – one NSW Title and two Australian Titles where she placed 3rd and 5th. Vanessa will be utilising the professional skills and talents […]