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Tis the season to be jolly, until the list becomes longer than Santa’s delivery schedule!

Between gift buying, wrapping, card writing & sending, party after party to attend its any wonder people need a holiday to get over the Christmas period, as the “To Do List” can seem endless overwhelming and plan exhausting.

Making a “Not to Do list” seemed the sane thing to do to balance out the Christmas craziness and remind ourselves what really matters.

Some suggestions to reduce the stress and enjoy the festivities this year:

Not to plan to cook every type of roast available, (traditional Christmas dinner is a long held marathon in my family), just pick the favourite 1 or 2, after all spending the day in the kitchen isn’t much fun especially in some of Australia’s high 30 degree summers!

Don’t overspend, paying off the Christmas debt isn’t my idea of fun, try a secret Santa especially with large families and set a dollar value this way everyone can feel comfortable.

Taking a reality check… seriously how much more stuff do you or the kids really need ? Donate to a charity or leave a gift at the Christmas tree in most major shopping centers for disadvantaged kids / people and let your children choose to donate one of theirs its great for building a sense of community and teaching them valuable life lessons!

Now is not the time to begin a new diet instead allow yourself to enjoy the celebrations instead make wiser choices and smaller portions from the Christmas smorgasbord, your New Years resolution can be to change your Health, Well being & Lifestyle in a sustainable way.

Not to neglect husband, partner, friends in our efforts to make the kids happy, enjoy adults only dates during the Christmas season which could include simple things like a picnic in your local park, wandering the streets with the best Christmas lights, dress up and dinner at your favourite special restaurant (using a little of the money you saved not overspending on gifts no one needs), putting the relationship at the top of the priority list

Stay flexible and not attached to the “hype” that takes a joyful time shared with those we love into another stressful traumatic experience that takes the whole holiday to recover from!

Happy Christmas everyone.

Vanessa Auditore is the director of Success HQ

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