After a week off from blogging due to too many commitments all landing at the same time, welcome back.

This week has been about reality checks and reassessments of all things me. You may recall from many of my previous entries I am very clear about the benefits of balance, after 4 weeks of High Intensity Training my body is overdue for a change of pace and that’s exactly what it will receive for the next 4 weeks before I reassess again. Change is essential for growth on all levels, mental, emotional, physical, energetic (spiritual), they are all connected and affected by each other.

How does this affect me ?

Well at the moment I know I need to change because my body isn’t recovering well, I am tired and sore consistently, this of course affects my mood and mental clarity and non of that is fun so I end up feeling overwhelmed tired and not having any fun!

That’s not how this process is meant to feel, sure I expect to feel like I have worked and that I am being rewarded by gains and still enjoying all of my regular pursuits rather than dragging my butt around, pushing through.

Part of this I need to share has to do with the truth that I am the type of person who usually has a full to mostly full commitments bag all of which when balanced is a very satisfying pleasurable life, all it takes is Easter with a few short weeks to squeeze my usual work load, University exams, a photo shoot, a family issue and a friend or two in need and “viola” imbalance city! Nothing that every person out there isn’t dealing with right!

That’s my point really I am an extremely organised, efficient, realistic, grounded and aware person, I practice what I teach and the need for change is something to always remember because it’s the consistent factor in life. Our body, emotions and the nature of our thoughts will always alert us to imbalance looming on the horizon the art is in seeing it before it hits and letting go of something order for it to change.

What am I doing about it?

For me that is dropping one of my training sessions, incorporating it into my others and changing the set and repetitions in order to restore the balance, emotionally I know I will feel better because I will be better rested which means I will have greater mental clarity rather than walking through mud and feel vitalised again which is the best part of being fit, healthy, lean and happy.

Remember people balance is the key to unlocking your true potential and many doors to success!

All the best chat soon, Vanessa xx

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