Monday new program begins, giant sets with higher reps circuit style to maximise time under tension the objective now is get tighter, leaner and improve condition. I have had a variety of feedback since my physique is really starting to come through, some people like it and some don’t and that’s all pretty normal we can’t please everybody and the only person who’s opinion truly matters is yours, remember that , your body, your life, your dreams so back them up with every ounce of commitment you can muster.

Everyone has their own personal frames of reference and ways of ordering their lives, beliefs, bodies, thoughts perceptions etc as that’s a uniquely subjective position and a personal right, exercise yours.

Tuesday Uni today and some very interesting topics in Health Psych around self regulation and control and the consequences of lack of development of skills in this area, similarly overly controlling or self regulation can be just as damaging. While Figure comp prep is very strongly focused and a disciplined sport the most successful outcomes come from a well developed sense of balance, so for me when training gets to serious I seek humour in movies, books, quotes, people, friends, comedy etc, when my taste buds get a little bored I enjoy some lovely dark chocolate with almonds, not a lot just enough and that’s the point really we need balance and just enough in our lives, pursuits and goals. that’s what I love most about Figure and natural body building is I am most most balanced and effective self because my whole self will not function well without the alignment of my mind, body, emotions & energy this is truly a transformational process.

Sorry guys my template deleted the rest of the week so I will update you this coming week because I am not wrestling with technology :(, stay well xx

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