Monday With a short week on the horizon with Easter and Uni assignments due this is one hectic week and what do you do when faced with a to do list that is longer than your arm?


Yep that’s right STOP and reassess priorities based on what will make the most impact with the least amount of effort and get the best results, often we keep pushing, pushing striving way beyond what is necessary and / or required and you know what it just doesn’t work, the art of surrender has nothing to do with giving up!

Training day is shoulders and this is beginning of 3rd week of high intensity sessions and it is starting to pay off I can see it, “G” can see it, Nathan can see it and even my son had a compliment or two sent my way, and this is very rewarding to know that what you are doing works well and you are happy and content and yes ok a little tired sometimes and without the effort there isn’t change and reward it is how it is, put in the effort and reap the reward!

Tuesday Chest day and it’s solo as G is at the Archibald’s getting a little culture, it’s never the same without him training days, we have established a really wonderful support system that works and helps us equally and you know what that’s really all that matters in life, that we contribute and receive equally and that has everything to do with the right exchange. Who we spend our time with is so important, even more important than how we spend our time in my opinion. Train hard I do and then off home for an early night tucked in bed with my books studying until sleep demands I close both books & eyes.

Wednesday Presentation day at Uni and it goes relatively well, I still get nervous presenting to a crowd and I have been doing it for years now!

After a break to do some shopping ahhh retail therapy and a girl moment to myself I find some cute outfits and then I am off to my session with Nathan.

Legs 11 here we are again, I am beginning to adapt and adjust which is great and I chat with Nathan about my program as I have a weakness through my posterior chain , namely right QL, Glute and hamstring that refers when my left glute gets too tight due to compensation patterns, I have had two major reconstruction to my right ankle that came from severing several tendons in my foot by stepping on the neck of a broken bottle when I was five, and as a country girl microsurgery wasn’t a reality back then.

Discussion concludes we will work the right today and wait until the left relaxes a bit and the two sides can come together again and work as a team… makes me laugh really doesn’t that just capture life and our relationships with others?… Think about it.

Thursday the last day of this week and it’s been massive and I finish it off with a big arm session and the home to relax and just stop and connect. Nice

Friday It’s good Friday and I have Uni assignments to finish before some of my family arrive for Easter break. Today is rest day so just a leisurely stroll with the dog does the trick and then hang up the training gear for a day!

Saturday One of my favourite training days as it’s full body circuit and time to shake things up a bit, I had a shorter session to make room for socilaising, remember balance is key and when we don’t make time for fun everything goes to hell in a hand basket. Fun makes everything easier especially with people you love, after all life is too short to hang out with those you don’t. Movie night at my house and Rocky is getting a bit of a revival at the moment, a little dated and very inspirational and that never gets old.

Sunday Out with “G” for a Jet boat ride spinning around the harbour of our beautiful city before heading to he gym for a big back session and some focus mit work, seems Rocky has inspired some hard core cardio and well as core and upper body power, I used to box a lot and then took a break so I can feel the adrenaline firing of the memory banks, I am a little slow and rusty to begin and that soon changes, although not so sure G got the best work out as I struggled to remember the combinations from my boxing days, not to worry home to do a little research and refresh of the combo drills and we are back in business for next week.

Vanessa Auditore – Back day – Figure Athlete, Behaviour & Wellbeing specialist

It’s Chocolate city at my house and when we got home from dinner my delightful ( not the actual words used!!) little dog Pheonix decided he wanted chocolate and devoured my bunny and then proceeded a few hours later to regurgitate it all ove my house I am not a happy camper let me assure you, things with the massive storm are a little too hectic at my house tonight & I am craving peace and quiet which will be returned to me tomorrow arvo, ahhhh.

Well that’s me done for another challenging revealing week in preparation, have a great week and I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, stay tuned and more to chat about soon

Vanessa xx

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