Wow, 4 weeks in already and what a journey so far, I have been pushed to my limits physically, overcome a few emotional hurdles that come with pushing past previous levels of performance and all in all I am having a ball. I’m not sure whether it’s experience and wisdom (this is my 4th competition) or a greater sense of my own balance and self identity but this is so energising and exciting all the temporary hard work while challenging at the time is so worth it. You know if you don’t love what you do than you won’t get the results you are capable of, Love is a very powerful motivation, well the only one in my view worth pursuing as it offers that something extra that drive, ego, determination alone fail to supply…. passion and purpose fueled by the love of your pursuits ensures success.

Monday Full day with clients, making changes, at various stages of healing wounds and recovering their identities standing tall and proud of themselves and all they are, I truly value being that mirror for others, it’s very rewarding and satisfying, thanks guys and gals for sharing your journey’s with me. Training is always gentle on Mondays, Yoga & Meditation everyday for grounding and balance and core, although I increased the intensity of my core work just a little extra something and I am feeling it, I envisage a very firm, lean torso come come day along with the rest of my physique, after all it is Figure sculpting and just like a person working with clay that’s what I am doing, creating smooth lines & great symmetry .

I had the privileged today of being introduces to Nathan Page, who is a IFBB Body Building judge and he is about to head to US for the Arnie Classics to judge the competition there, so I am very grateful to have his expertise to help me to fine tune my routines and poses, and NO people this aspect of the comp isn’t about prancing around in a bikini, its about being assessed for all the hard work, the commitment, the sacrifices to get to this stage, on this day, in front of all these people, posing can be exhausting, I remember my first ever comp and I was soooo nervous and pumped up on adrenalin (always natural) that my muscles cramped the whole way through my symmetry round because I was terrified, lets just say the stage requires considerable effort for me to overcome my shyness, so there I was cramping and doing my darnedest to keep smiling , always smile it gets you out of the most interesting situations !

Tuesday another fullon day at The Centre of Wellness, back to back all day and a team meeting had me heading home ready for a short break and dinner with my son Charlie, a nice little catch up he’s back at Uni this week and I start back next week so the schedule is getting rather tight now and my skills at being rather efficient & effective will serve me well now until comp day rolls around… Organised and focused takes on a whole new meaning.

Tonight is the first of 3 weeks of heavy weights to build some more lean muscle, I am not sure how I am going to do because personally this isn’t my favourite part of the process it can be tricky to get the mix right, enough to grow and keep the Body fat down while keeping up with the balance of family, running a business, university study, friends, family & social life again planning & preparation is key to success.

Session was Ok it takes a little bit to gauge how heavy you can lift safely and in good from without too much assistance from your spotter at the same time pushing yourself a little more each time…. I had my serious face on today let me assure you :)… once the larger sets were done I was able to have a chuckle again I did well.

Home for a bath, relax and bed I have another big day tomorrow!

Wednesday legs 11 :), the day started with a sleep in yum and then usual meditation & yoga , this morning I am aware of feeling some emotional uncertainties creeping into my mind, i remember this from last comp this is the stage where you know there is no turning back… not that that was ever an option 🙂 and the insecurities emerge as the body transforms into a collection of  lean, long muscle and gone are the soft curves of previous physique, now I love long & lean and when your soft bits turn to muscle and men and woman alike look at you with a look that says I am not sure if I admire you or feel threatened… it’s par or the course whenever you go a little away from the norm, my awareness popped in though when a close male friend was eyeballing a busty girl at the gym and my chest is now becoming pecs rather than just breasts… hey it’s a girl thing I guess, I have never been a busty curvy woman I have always been athletic and never interested in a boob job it does bring your insecurities to the surface as sometimes we can get up on what it is we think we want rather than affecting fully with love and gratitude what we have and who we are underneath.

As I wrestled with my thoughts for the allocated time, I have a rule that allows me to really dig deep into my thoughts, feeling and behaviour for a period of time and then if I haven’t resolved it I let it go with an intention to allow the solution to find me … IT WORKS as I always find the right solution and trust the path that unfolds around that.

Thursday big session back & bi’s although tonight I had some more people come along and train with me which was fun, this type of process can get a little serious sometimes so always nice to lighten the mood and have a laugh and we did, G & I along with Brie and Pat a massive session of fun and frivolity while getting the job done :).

Friday rest day yoga & cardio I trained Oliver my elite athlete and his injuries are subsiding and he has more energy too to go out and have some fun and at 15 that’s so important to have that balance as I know all to well so for me out for some fun for Brie’s birthday, just a little glass of red and that was me done, funny at this stage the body does not appreciate alcohol and that’s fine by me I am able to have fun without it anyway.

Saturday shift of routine and off the the hairdresser for some pampering , then the vitamin store to restock, I have just begun the bio signature estrogen clear and that is having an interesting affect on me, again remember peeps allow time for your system to adjust and go easy always a smarter option, unhealthy stress is no one’s friend.

Today I changed my full body circuit and I felt different, mixing things up is the secret to success, keep the body guessing that way it will need to keep responding and giving you the results you are after, again balanced approach is essential.

Tonight is dinner with my boy and movie time after many hours taking care of admin and building my business, it’s so important to do what you love and direct your available energy to creating a life you actually want to live :).

Uni starts back next week so conserving energy is a must, funny how the things, people, experiences that you have when you are just cruising are rolling around you and the impact of these when completely dedicated and focused on your dreams, you need to really prioritise to make it happen and minimise the experiences that zap you again flexibility is key and knowing yourself.

At this stage of things my friends know what I am like and lovingly accommodate my absence from the usual social engagements, they send me support and love often and I am truly grateful for the people I call friends, family and clients an extremely special bunch of people … thank you xx

Sunday the last session for the week and shoulders got a thorough work over, my back and shoulders tend to respond well so I am happy to say coming along nicely :). G and I are both enjoying growth and results, so far my weight has reduced by 4kgs so averaging 1 kg per week which is sustainable without major drain on the system all on track. Life is good plenty of time for some fun with friends then home to prep food for the next few days, being organised and planning ahead is very important to reach any goal, this process is no different… we don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan so don’t make that mistake with your goals.

Off to bed for a good night’s sleep and back to the process for week 5, hope you are all enjoying your processes with whatever goals you are working toward as I am, stay tuned as some exciting plans are coming together which I will share with you in due course.

Happy week people :), warmest regards Vanessa

Some great links for interesting info I find invaluable (a free forum with some very impressive scientists as well as practitioners)

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