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Monday the Arnold Classic has been on in US and some amazing physiques taking the stage enjoying all of the hard work that it’s taken to get there, impressive. Nathan Page IFBB international judge whom I will be meeting with next week …. very excited posted some photos, now this gorgeous athlete on the end makes it to my vision board that’s the look I am going for, nice work 🙂 As for me I have put on some decent lean muscle this week although feeling a little thicker than normal all on track and just adjusting my comfort levels and getting used to the changes. Saturday’s session it appears I wasn’t fully present in my body and am off to the massage therapist today to release my neck as I am experiencing some nerve impingement causing some tingling down my left side, I am reminded of paying closer attention to what I am doing and ensuring I am training effectively rather than distracted by emotions and or thoughts as injury can occur, now I am aware it’s nothing serious and will be rectified today take note that training is about connecting to yourself and being mindful of yourself as a whole and not disconnecting and being mindless.

Tuesday the day starts with Uni focused and open to learning new things, then off to work clients a marketing and business building session and then back to the gym with G and a massive strength session unfolds, the weeks break has done us good we are able to find a common ground and appreciate what we offer each other in our shared goals, we push each other to achieve better results with every rep, totally spent the day comes to a close for me with a bath, dinner and bed ahhh….

Wednesday Uni again to start the day, off to receive some tutoring around my uni essays as I left school at 15 and never had to put together such a structured learning plan before, this is my 3rd year and still I find academia a challenge, not so much the learning more so the piecing together an academic review, essay or report, I chat with the tutor get some very helpful structure in place and off I head to the gym after a delicious lunch, I am tired its been a big week so I go slow I get done what’s required to meet my goals just at a more relaxed pace and that’s the best I can do this week so I accept that and get on with it. I am aware of being concerned about managing everything that I a engaged with and passionate about because it’s a lot , always has been that way for me and that is why I am always saying plan, prepare and action then revisit, reset and move forward it a very successful strategy I find especially when there is a lot of emotion flying around.

Thursday Full work day and then a lighter session tonight just shoulders I am tired and do my best to listen to the body and accommodate my needs, earlier home tonight to spend some time with my son cooking dinner, chatting and watching a movie with yummy dark chocolate a sweet delight 🙂

Friday Today to be honest was a well awaited long sigh out!. It’s been a full on couple of weeks beginning Uni again, having many clients (coaching & counselling) in different stages of crisis as they are navigating their lives. My heart goes out to them in their time of challenge as I help them to navigate a clearer path, it does take it’s toll emotionally so the best reset is movement to assist with process and today my beloved yoga & meditation to soothe the heart and restore flow to the body.

Saturday full body circuit to fine tune and hone my conditioning, the neighbours are still renovating so no long sleep in best make the most of the day, a clear mind and a fune tuned body what more can you ask for :).

Sunday big training session with G and the results are coming and it feels good. Time to refocus for the week ahead, study to be done, Health Psychology and Media Analysis all super relevant to my work and life so very interesting way to spend some of my free time. I meet with Nathan on Wednesday to set the focus at a higher level ready to take the stage with a flair and bring this baby home. I have a solid four pack now and as most woman and men for that matter may appreciate the lower abs take a bit more work with the diet to really trim down I have lost the 1/2 kg I put on last week and gain strength and size which translates to a greater degree of body fat reduction, I will measure in for body fat soon and non the less my eyes and clothes tell me I am right on target and that feels great too, all in the prep and planning with a determined focus we can achieve anything we set our minds to. Stay tuned and I will be doing my best to reach my goals how about you? Take care all Vanessa xx

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