Monday after a very frustrating experience with wordpress and writing a whole week of training experience that got “lost” somewhere in the ether I am now writing a proof first!

Today was HIT (High Intensity) training week number two with a few tweaks from lessons learned last week and feeling on track.

A few emotional ups and downs which is to be expected in life and an increase in meditation, clear communication and all is evening out again, just how I like life balanced!

I am mindful of the requirement for more fun and connection with those I love to hang out with as too much serious stuff makes for an “unfun” lifestyle and we can eat and drink clean and have at the same time, it’s all about living within your passions and sharing it with people who make you smile.

Tuesday wow it’s been a big week for me an people in general, many changes coming thick and fast and it can be easy get out of balance and for me when this happens I slow down, increase my relaxation, meditation and connect with those I love.

What is that for you?

Training was solo because G had strained his shoulder so rest was in order for him too, I missed him as when you have someone in your corner you soon come to realise the shared goals, visions and dreams because they become more of your reality in each passing moment shared.

I have made significant changes to my body composition based on this phase which is high intensity for the majority of our sessions and that requires adaption time as we are using different energy systems and neurological pathways so time to integrate is essential.

I missed an assignment plan due at Uni this week, luckily I was able to do it on the spot and hand it in, so while relieved I was made aware of my need to remain focused on my collective life goals rather than exclusion of as it’s always easier to do what is easiest first, whatever your strategy for success I think we just need to identify it and follow it without distraction as there can be many distractions if you let them interfere with your choices.

Wednesday Massive Leg day with Nathan again, this week I must have gotten over the pain threshold just a little (not that I will be sharing that info with Nathan) cause I could still walk out of the gym J.

This week has been very busy with Uni, training life and keeping the balance, some weeks are more of a challenge than others and this was one of those weeks. Slow down take it easier and give myself some space was what I decided. It’s important to know your limits in all things and live accordingly.

Thursday Today I am very tired and not feeling my best and week 5 of Uni gets a bit that way, many assignments and research to be done, presentations and such. Training tonight was not enjoyable and that is rare for me so again honouring what is and accepting is key to maintaining a happy balanced life.

Sometimes letting go and waiting for things to shift and a clearer path is the only option, so off to bath and then sleep and tomorrow is much awaited rest day, out with my girlfriend dinner, movie and IFBB Australasians on Saturday to assess my competition and get a better feel for this federation that will be my platform for success in my athletic achievements, looking forward to that.

Friday Today was the first quieter day I have had in about 6 weeks, I have reshuffled my Friday afternoons to work with Oliver the brilliant rower who is following his dreams to the highest level.

We both now have Friday afternoons back to relax, no training and time to just stop and reflect, rest and repair on all levels to get back in there tomorrow and give it our best shot.

It’s been a very interesting week to observe human nature, the good, the unhealthy and the not so attractive rose to the surface this week with many challenged to get clear, release, let go, move forward and be true to themselves. I have witnesses many rants, loads of upheaval and general confusion and for me when the collective is in this energy it’s always best to leave them to it and get on with what makes me happy. I highly recommend it.

Saturday IFBB comp day very excited today I went and did my circuit from hell and noticed my left quad was very tight as were my glutes and this refered also to my QL ( the muscles that sit above the hip and controls & and supports the pelvis and low back) I have to modify my static lunge and overhead presses, doing two exercises together increased output creating a more intense workout, and I though I had an easier time of legs on Wednesday with Nathan, mmm maybe not! So modified session done and home to stretch the glutes as I have this softball from high school that does the trick really gets in there woth some trigger point releases, I use to be a massage therapist many moons ago J, now that’s a tough job.

In the car I get and off to Sutherland I realize how valuable time is as the drive is long almost an hour it took me, no wonder I stay local most of the time, traffic is such a waste of time.

Ok I arrive car parked and the crowd is gathering for the Finals session which is due to begin at 3pm, they are running a little late and with the prejudging such a massive process that’s understandable, so in we go and it makes me smile all the orange people, (fake tan) choosing the right blend is essential for best stage presentation and so easy to overdo! I remember being orange once or twice myself.

The crowd is good and full of  healthy support for these amazing athletes who have dedicated many, many hours to the gym and food preparation just like I am now and I am excited to feel the energy again of comp day  it’s been a few years now. I ran into a few old faces and that was lovely even my first competition trainer Mark, he looks really well and is setting up his own bodybuilding gym in Collaroy, great for him. The line up is amazing even the Bikini girls come in very lean and so they keep rolling out amazing physique after physique, seriously impressive and humbling I have work to do!

Nathan set me a task and that was to pick the winner in my category which will be Masters Figure that’s for us gals over 40 keeping it real and fair and tell him why I thought that and identify any areas I felt I could improve based on what I saw, great strategy, so loads of happy snappies later and I picked her so I was expecting an A+ on my assignment as well as some great tips to bring to my own comp day.

I was madly texting G with the line up as he wasn’t able to come comparing and admiring the amazing bodies, the Masters categories for men and woman were both AWESOME, I love that this sport offers you the opportunity to stay so fit and healthy all the way until you lift your last rep and RIP.

Sunday Remembering to set the clock back for day light savings finishing I was one inspired Athlete off to the gym today, big back day which was good to feel taking shape, it will be one of my strengths on the day lucky for me great genes and seriously hard work especially the bodyweight chins as the last exercise, now that really tests me as well as makes me stronger, check out the training videos on youtube

Training finished for the week and off to watch Charlie’s first soccer game for the season, I have been a soccer mum for 15 years now remembering when my little boy ran on the field at 5 years of age so proud and happy and loving every minute and I am so happy that he still loves it as much today at almost 20, its one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday in Autumn / Winter sitting there cheering him on…. Nice.

Ok beautiful people that’s me done for the week, peace out J, take care and I look forward to sharing more next week

Vanessa xx

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