Monday TRX core cardio & yoga today, new week and a few adjustments to fine tune are happening which is always a good thing, accepting change as a fundamental aspect of life really assists when it comes to undertaking a competition like this as change is exactly what I wish to see & be. Awaiting blood test results to further fine tune hormonal responses increasing lean muscle capacity and reduced body fat, I am well and truly on track and can feel a plateau coming so I will change my program next week for a further 3 weeks with the intention to gain lean muscle and continue to decrease body fat, yes it’s very achievable, ill check in next week with the results, remember change takes time.

Great day new clients, one in Italy always a pleasure to work with people around their visions, dreams and goals I appreciate the buzz and satisfaction that we both experience when something shifts. Loving your work is essential to a happy fulfilled life and vibrant body, mind & spirit.

Tuesday flying solo today so good to connect with the part of me that knows how to focus and give every set my best, its great to have support and equally important to know how to do your best alone…. as always balance is the key to success!

Wednesday hello legs, observing the changes as last 3 comps my legs have appeared “soft” due to estrogen needing to be balanced which I am doing with biosignature with Michaels guidance awaiting the blood workup to confirm path forward.

Today felt like a massive session where I felt every single rep, and like I was lifting a tonne, not so just starting to feel the full impact of three weeks solid training and many adjustments and tweeks, along with my mind being able to shift out of the old program of endurance sets and into muscle building.

Today I have come face to face with my conviction…. a gym friend watched me train today while doing his training and asked me “so are you ready to give up?”…. “hey sure I I am hurting today and I never give up was my response!” and that’s exactly what it takes sometimes to push through the barriers to change and transformation, now I know I am in good hands…. mine and my support team, nutrition is great, sleep is nice and deep, relaxation and rest is plentiful, training program is solid, emotions a little raw and that’s what needs attention today.

I had an amazing acupressure session with a good friend Peta, she is practicing a new skill on a very grateful patient… me :), thanks Petie, so energy restored and soreness dissipated from training session still I am requiring a little extra emotional support, so text to G and that received off tho a chick flick to really absorb how amazing my life is and this process, tonight an early night and wake refreshed ready for Thursdays session…. the road to success is not always smooth and I am reminded of a saying” noone said it would be easy just worth it and that is what I take away from today, climbing the ladder to overcome any hurdles that this type of intensity brings forth.

Thursday Big session with G moving through to the next level, trained hard and left feeling awesome…. Remember people train don’t drain and if you aren’t recovering well something isn’t right so find out. Over training, lack of proper nutrition and or adequate support will cause you to sabotage your efforts because the system becomes stressed in a way that is nott healthy or helpful so pay attention to the signs of fatigue, mood swings, feeling sore for days on end, interrupted sleep , aruguements with yourself or loved ones, inability to focus these are just some of the flags so don’t ignore them if you wish to succeed!

Friday my rest day ahh yoga and a little cardio does wonders for the body mind and spirit…. yes that’s right one dimensional approaches to wellness is outdated and limiting to put it mildly, my body is grateful and my mind is adjusting to the ” that was easy” chatter and my response is exactly easy does it…. Balance is the key, lengthen to strengthen.

After the very grounding relaxing session home to dinner a movie and more relaxation as I mentioned in earlier posts I would be cutting back my social life well here I begin and wow does it feel nice, remember sometimes your own company focused on just you is such a pleasure try it 🙂

Saturday cross train TRX today and my mind is used to more of the heavier sessions and longer rests so this I can feel the contrast and shift of gear. This week I have maintained my weight and increased lean muscle & strength which was my aim as with 3 months to go I need to build more lean muscle and reduce body fat and this never shows up on the scales as a direct correlation, it’s always best without proper body fat measures to use your clothes and mirror as a resource, muscle is heavier than fat and the standard scales can be deceptive.

I am happy peaceful, relaxed and content with my gains this week, I have even surprised myself a little and that is always nice :). Deciding on my routine song and organise my comp bikini, all the fun playful stuff that goes with the rigors of training hard

Dinner and a movie with an old friend completes my day, one more session for the week and a change of pace for the next three weeks with the objective to gain more lean muscle and reduce the bodyfat all on track I am a happy camper!

Sunday last session for the week and as always slow and relaxed resetting my body and fine tuning my program looking at waht needs to happen, what changes, what prep to ensure I am on track, the home for more rest and catching up with friends, meal prep and all systems go for anther fantastic week of growth because the next 3 are all about that, building lean muscle and reducing bodayfat sometimes a tricky mix and experience wisdom and knowledge as a wholistic practitioner hold me well.

Biosignature protocols begin next week so that will be interesting to see the changes that come from clearing more toxins from the body and eating clean, training well and resting up 🙂

stay tuned I am very happy relaxed and ready for the next phase.

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