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Monday Lovely sleep in, meditation to ground and clarify, clear away anything that requires my attention,  breakfast & supplements then off the to gym for a cardio, yoga, core day always a lovely way to begin a week giving my body, mind & emotions the rest it needs before the training week ahead, remember always good to set the week up well, start out as you mean to finish I always say :).

Before I do though I jump on the scales and I have dropped 2 kgs since last week, I was concerned that the depletion I felt Saturday (see previous weeks blog), meant it was loss of muscle and I am pleased to say after refuelling and feeling right again by Sunday night I can honestly claim this as genuine progress  and also an indication letting me know how responsive my metabolism is allowing me to manage my bodyfat and weight measures in plenty of time for comp, remember we all respond differently, my preference is to drop it sooner and maintain longer and tweaking as comp day gets closer, again please consult your healthcare professional to assess what is right for you personally.

Work after the session and a full day / night with clients always makes me happy to see people achieving their goals and working through old behaviours and beliefs emerging into their own realities, yes sometimes this process is challenging and scary and all we can do is keep moving through at the right pace for yourself , with the right support whatever that may mean for you.

Michael Trinh, my Biosig coach sends me a text this morning with a picture of his breakfast asking me what was I eating 🙂 … love it thanks Michael the support is appreciated.

I finish the day sitting in the medical centre getting a referral for blood tests, that I will do on Wednesday… Ps just quietly I hate needles… want to see me squirm eekkkk again I remind myself I am doing this to ensure my endocrine system is in shape too, remember if your all of your systems are not working well it’s impossible to expect a good result, so ensure you do your homework and find out what you need to know and do to support yourself through the changes you want to make, as they say “we don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan”, so make success hard to miss by being well prepared.

Ask a professional that’s what we are here for and have invested many many hours studying, assessing, testing and measuring to bring you the most up to date valid information to help you get where you want to go!

Tuesday 5am wake up yoga & meditation before a few day at the Centre, home for dinner a walk with my dog Pheonix and off to the gym, “G” has a tender back today ( some more core work or you G ;), so we improvise and get the most out of our session anyway, sometimes conditions or environments aren’t ideal, someones stuff happens that alters our plans in that moment and it is important to assess the situation and just do the best you can with what you have to work with rather than getting frustrated or annoyed and allowing this to rob you of your valuable energy and focus.

Stop clarify adjust and move on – that’s what we did and results achieved, home for so nutrients, bath & bed after a little chill out time.

Wednesday last night was not a good sleep night I have woken feeling very tired, and the neighbours are renovating and the jackhammers started at 7am, not happy Jan as sleep is so important for good health, recovery and restoration of our body’s, minds and nervous system (read more).

Today is legs, I am feeling stronger and leaner as each session goes by, today I increased my weights to challenge the system a little more to keep the growth happening, it’s a funny thing once I do a new routine the next time seems a little easier  I know this is the way I learn and yes happy to have that in my skill set, do it once and then keep challenging myself until I master it and by that stage it’s usually time to change my program which is great because the body needs to be consistently challenged for growth / weight loss / lean muscle mass / fitness etc to improve.

I had a great stretch and then home for a delicious steak & vege meal… off for a blood test to assess vitamin levels before we begin the first clearing phase of biosignature protocols, one problem doctor didn’t tell me to fast first so I will have to do another day… oh dear what a shame no needles, how will I ever cope :)! Of course given one of the tests is for insulin it makes sense that I need to be there first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, I will come back later in the week.

Off to work now, helping others change lives, patterns and find out what floats their boat and makes them happy … I love my job, I can’t tell you how important working at something you love is, in my mind if you are going to spend all the hours we do at work then make sure it’s fun and you love it.

Thursday training solo today and I get to consider my strength gains since working with “G” my training partner, they are significant in just a two weeks I have gone from 4 x 5 body weights chins to 4 x 10 chins… nice. Remember to just show up and give each session your best shot whether its just you and the weights or you have the benefit of support doesn’t matter just do your best in each and every rep because they all count over time.

A big thank you to Michael Trinh ( bio sig coach) he often send me latest research a quote of the day all of the things I do with my clients and you know what its great to receive, it’s the little things that make a HUGE difference so remember to get the right support to help you to reach your goals and always remain teachable!

Friday ahh rest day yoga and light cardio bliss then off to spend some quality time with the girls after my sessions are done with clients, life is great :).

Saturday Blood test day, sat for an hour at pathology waiting and as I looked around aside from a few pregnant woman I was surrounded by men and woman at varying stages of health decline and to know I was there to enhance mine through safely monitoring my hormones and neurotransmitter function to support my best performance the contrast was astounding and remind me why I love Health & Well being and being a PT, Life Coach & Counsellor helping people to turn these alarming statistic around.

Training day was a bit of a reshuffle today and as you have read here before remain flexible when circumstances change, conserve your energy and retain your sense of humour and gratitude :), I am getting stronger and starting to add to my lean muscle which is very exciting and its own motivation, as well as being surrounded by a great attitude generally in the gym, everyone is supportive whether its a glance a smile a word of appreciation for the commitment it all makes a difference, thanks guys :).

Rest of the day was spent chatting with friends I have decided to start cutting back on my social events as I can’t do both well the parties anyway that lifestyle and preparing for comp do not fit well together I will be spending more of my fun time in quieter pursuits, equally enjoyable although “G” tells me its very Nanna! and you know what it will be the difference on comp day plus I must say eating this clean, training hard and maintaining balance while completely focused on the end result is an exhilarating feeling so I plan to continue to feel this way when I really am a Nanna ( note to Charlie – son, take your time my angel, no rush :).

Sunday TRX day today and I find that not only can I complete the session this week I can add to it, massive strength and endurance gains over the week as well as a further 700g decrease in weight, so that’s 2.7kg in two weeks and you will notice that I have slowed now the loss to ensure I maintain enough to go the distance, while this may sound like a strange thing to do for those who wish to drop kg’s its more important to make the changes gradually otherwise my body perceives there is a reason to hold onto weight due to our unique survival mechanisms built into our amazing bodies, as well as the risk of losing muscle rather than body fat. So I am happy that I have gained strength and lost fat my training results and clothes tell me this… always listen to the body and forget about the scales as a “true” measure of your progress.

Michael my biosig coach sent me this link today that I think you will find helpful too ladies :), , ok another week done, food prep time and then chill, happy training and remember to maintain the balance, love to hear from you, how you are going etc, unfortunately as I am unable to answer training and nutrition enquiries here and invite you to book in for your own program and plan for transformation, myself or the team at Centre of Wellness are here for you..

Chat soon Vanessa xx

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