Our Corporate Values

At our TeamForce retreat in December we had the pleasure of Vanessa Auditore, Life Coach, who helped facilitate a values alignment session. The result was a better understanding of each other and a consensus on what we stand for as an organization and what we are motivated by.
So with some crowd sourcing we have come up with our top five values. Our intent is to integrate these values into our every day lives and operationalize them into Velteo.

The five values are:
1. Passion for Growth 2. Pursuit of Mastery 3. Courageous 4. Stay Engaged 5. Tenacity

Since these values are subject to interpretation we have asked every Veltean to submit their take on the values, this will form part of an ongoing communication and activity program that keeps us all honest and on track in living from our values.

For Q3 we will be focused on our first value: Passion for Growth. For many of us Passion for Growth was identified as a key value that we strive for individually.

As a Veltean it has been identified as a key element to our DNA as well, so with this personal and professional alignment I am happy to say the we have a fantastic opportunity to achieve this goal.

Velteo is an amazing company filled with beautifully aligned people headed up by some very special guys Con Georgiou and Frank Cuiuli, who continue to grow develop and evolve the team. What an inspiration!
I love working with you and the team.

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