Detoxing back to a natural alkaline state:

Are you ready to re-establish a relationship with healthy, nutritious food?
Most of us have bodies that are too acidic, due to the refined sugars – chocolates, cakes, pizza, and alcohol – that we consume. These are all packed full of salt, sugar, artificial colours, preservatives and chemicals which create toxins in the body that the liver and other organs then have to attempt to get rid of.
We don’t want to be too alkaline either but the desired balance is slightly alkaline at a PH of 7.3 or 7.4. By creating a more alkaline environment, your body will be capable of eliminating toxins and their acidic by-products more easily. It’s these acidic deposits that can lead to a poor digestion system, with waste accumulating and stored as fat. Removing these toxins will enable your digestion system to process the food you eat more efficiently.
The liver is our most important organ for cleansing and filtering our bloodstream and in today’s world its job has got a lot harder due to all the refined foods / fast foods / alcohol / recreational drugs / pesticides / toxic fumes and chemicals that we ingest or absorb daily. The liver needs to adapt in order to process all these ‘poisons’ and keep our blood as pure as possible. By ingesting nutritious, freshly prepared foods including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, you are giving your liver the best opportunity to eliminate any ‘poisons’ it does come across, and the ability to deal with the toxins built up over time that the liver has stored in its own cells.
The liver deals better with water-soluble matter than it does fat-soluble substances, and often toxic chemicals are fat-soluble, which means the toxins are sent to fat stores due to the liver struggling to deal with them. These fat stores will continue to fill with more toxins until the body needs these fat cells for energy, and is often the reason why people struggle to lose weight. This is why exercise is important alongside a healthy diet – to break down the fat stores so that they are released along with the toxins.
There is a great three week detox that we can recommend to help bring your body back to its natural alkaline state (Can also test your body’s PH) but to help you along the way this is a fantastic alkalising, nutritious recipe, using fresh ingredients from ( – market’s name) :
Alkalizing/Energizing Cucumber Salad

Serves 3:
Cucumber is one of the most alkalising and energising foods that you can eat; considered to have a purifying effect on the digestive system as well as being beneficial to the hair and skin.

2 cups Cucumbers, chopped
2 Tbs. Parsley, chopped
1 Tbs. Lemon Juice
1 Tbs. Flax Seed Oil or Olive Oil
1/3 cup finely chopped Peppermint

In a small serving bowl, combine the cucumbers, parsley, lemon,juice, oil, and mint. Toss together.

Chill for several hours or overnight. Toss again before serving.

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