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Developing a business mindset means knowing how to think like a successful entrepreneur, by adopting an optimistic yet pragmatic attitude in order to make the right business decisions.Successful entrepreneurs tend to display the following six qualities in their thinking:

* Given a set of challenges successful entrepreneurs see opportunities.
* Given a problem, successful entrepreneurs are optimistic & pragmatic.
* Successful entrepreneurs expect a lot from themselves and others.
* Successful entrepreneurs operate from a state of abundance.
* Successful entrepreneurs are persistent
* Successful entrepreneurs enjoy making a profit.Let’s look more closely at how your mind works when it comes to minding your business.Are you a worrier, dwelling on worst-case scenarios, feeling down about your lack of success, rejecting possible ideas assuming they won’t work?

Are you a planner making a mental list of what to do next, staying focused and motivated?

Are you overly optimistic seeing many opportunities, unable to prioritise, needing direction?

Are you a procrastinator coming up with good ideas never feeling ready to start?

How you think about your business influences your abilities and your actions.

Negative beliefs and critical self-talk hamper your efforts, while constructive, optimistic yet pragmatic thinking helps you to take big steps.

Developing an entrepreneurial mind-set– the combination of thinking, feeling and sensing that is the hallmark of successful business owners is the next step in your business education.

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