Love 101 is an exciting adventure, that has been described as “A crash course on love and how to find it”, whilst empowering you from the inside out to make it last.
Vanessa Auditore CEO of Success HQ located in St Leonards NSW, brings the joy of what she does “which is transforming lives of the individual” to the set of Thank Goodness he’s a Country Boy as the Love 101 Relationship and Fit for Love Coach.

Love 101 explores all the ins and outs of budding relationships, what drives human relationships, our fundamental need to connect with one another, intimacy, sex, and relationship values helping you to get clear and prepare for that lasting relationship.

Ensuring success for this unique experience, Vanessa profiles the candidates and along with the shows founder Brie Peters selects those with highest levels of compatibility and shared values to give love a little boost.

It doesn’t end there as Fit for Love Coach, Vanessa conducts training sessions prior to and on the weekends away as part of the Glamour team helping the girls to put their best stiletto forward.

Fit for Love takes the “jiggle out of your wiggle”. As we all know when we look and feel our best we exude self-confidence and a sense of comfort in our own skin, these qualities are generally considered very attractive.

The shows creator Brie Peters first came up this idea to bring romance back to the city girl’s life. The show needed to be different though, have depth, compassion and understanding for the human element that deals with the cause as well as effect on single Sydney women who are so fed up with the lack of romance in the city they’re leaving town, blowing the big smoke to snag themselves love in the country.

Vanessa provides that depth and expertise drawing on her Behavioural Science, Counselling, Life Coaching and Personal Training expertise taking this reality TV to a whole new level.
More than 50 romantics will be country bound for the NSW town of Tamworth to find the love of their lives on the first ‘Thank Goodness He’s A Country Boy’ weekend in May.

Available for interview and photograph:

• Relationship and Fitness Coach, Vanessa Auditore, from SuccessHQ
• Event founder Brie Peters

For media interviews, photo opportunities or more information:

Lucy Betagy / Director PR House
0412 771 878

Vanessa Auditore / Director Success HQ
0416 11 36 88

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