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Some day’s it’s just a little challenging to remember the good stuff!

Perspective and balance are essential in maintaining the good vibes one may like to experience on any given day. Now this isn’t to say that we aren’t challenged and sometimes a little miffed, sad or tense it just allows us to connect with a preferred state, as research shows that when we are stressed, in panic, anxiety or fear we have the fight or flight response triggered in the brain and good luck trying to think straight from this biological position.

Slowing the mind down is the first step to minimising stimulus arousal and a few ( sometimes lots 🙂 of rounds of deep breathing will begin to oxygenate the blood and restore flow to the “executive thinking” centre of the brain…. Ahh that’s better.

Try it now… That’s right a few, or a lot of deep breathes with a focus on the exhale, really empty out those lungs, now feel how your body is relaxing a little and your mind may feel all light for a few moments…. Oxygen, great stuff!

For more information on how to restore your sparkle, slow down the mind or simply be able to have clearer head space, drop me a line.

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