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1. Maintain focus

Why are you exercising?

What do you want to achieve?

These are the most important reasons why you are exercising regularly and monitoring your nutrition. Your goals are the key to staying motivated, write them down and look at your goal’s everyday, focusing on the benefits you will derive from achieving these goals will help you to maintain motivation.

Goals that are written down serve as a constant reminder of what you first set out to do when you commenced this program. Remember to make these goals specific and realistic, redefining when necessary.

2. Organise your time

Preparation is everything! Get yourself a diary and write down what you are doing and when.

Make time at the beginning of each week to plan your exercise sessions, create a shopping list and plan your meals. A little tip is to cook for a few days at a time, daily is great if you can and if not that’s ok too, just do your best.

Make sure you are prepared as well i.e. pack your gym gear the night before ready to go. As you progress in the program you need to use your time effectively with maximum effort during each workout.

Train smart and plan and it will fit into your daily routine relatively easily.

3. Change is great.

Add variety to your program. There are a huge variety of exercises available to help keep your interest high and reduce boredom, keeping you motivated and your results on track.

4. Pamper yourself.

An important way to succeed in achieving your goals is to REWARD yourself when you achieve them. Give yourself some recognition; it may be something as simple as rewarding yourself with a new piece of clothing, a relaxing afternoon at the beach or a superb dinner at your favourite restaurant. However, everything in moderation and maintain all the good you have worked for.

Listen to constructive feedback from friends and family on your progress and be proud and happy of how far you have come and how much you have achieved to date.


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Vanessa Auditore – Master PT, Life Coach & Counsellor

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