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There is a need to shift from short term behavioural changes to long term, overall well-being

Well-being is not limited to just physical wellness – it starts from the inside

There are five essential elements in the make-up of well-being:

Career: how one occupied their time or likes what they do everyday
Social: having strong relationships and love in one’s life
Financial: effectively managing one’s economic life
Physical: having good health and enough energy to accomplish things each day
Community: having a sense of engagement with the area in which one lives

Three essential questions to recognise the importance of employee well-being:
Would you describe your work as monotonous?
How satisfied are you with your job?
How tense or anxious have you been in the past week?

(Rosie Ward, Nov 2010)

Most companies focus on behaviour modification, but it is important to foster engagement – a profound connection and relationship with employees can drive productivity, well-being, safety and profitability
Connecting with employees offer employers insight into what really motivates them
This further allows them to change and adapt programs in order to accommodate values
“Supporting” rather than “fixing” is more effective as they facilitate opportunities for employees
Essentially, getting started is the hardest part – ignoring problems won’t make them go away
3-5 year strategic plans are proven points found most effective for companies
Getting past the first 12 months is the most detailed as it acts to build trust, improve communication and honour the unique needs of employees
The result – a cohesive and improved culture which values the inherent desires for well being and success.

Research by Qin Lin Business Development Intern Australian Corporate Wellness. Contact us www.australiancorporate

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