Sometimes finding our way in the world can feel like a bumpy ride. New experiences that we have created to take up the space left behind by the multipurpose spring clean ( ie emotions, thoughts, beliefs, behaviours etc), given that change is all there is we do need to manage our change so that we are experiencing it at a pace that allows us to flow with a sense of openness and safety otherwise our self preserving mechanisms will kick in and we will create resistance because of a perceived threat created by the change itself which of course is counter productive and tiring.

When faced with change of any sort practicing self awareness and self pacing is important otherwise you may just get led somewhere you didn’t need to go …. again!

How? For me and many that is meditation & yoga or just finding a quiet space to reflect or write down my thoughts and feelings as well as minimising external influences and people until I feel more grounded in my own desired state.

Christmas is one of those times when families come together after long absences, people get caught up in the “idea” of gift giving rather than enjoying each others company and sharing from within.

Whatever your life is presenting right now around change take a moment or 10 to consider some of the suggestions listed earlier and create a more desirable state and allow yourself to flow with change peacefully and in a manner that has purpose and meaning for you.

Vanessa Auditore is the director of Success HQ 
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