I have become a regular guest at FM99.3 on alternate wednesdays 10am with Eli & Steph where we come together to discuss all types of hot topics.

Previously we covered the topic of media pressure on young and not so young people to “fit” certain stereotype’s regarding body image.

I had some very frank comments from the teens I interviewed ranging from “media overemphasing perfection and a tendency toward what is ” conventionally considered beautiful” being a source of pressure and cause for lowered self esteem due to the constant comparison even though they know perfection doesn’t exist.

The other end of the spectrum for girls who do fit the sterotype are becoming the target of judgement and cruel accusations of eating disorders, even though they have been this composition all their life. This was considered also to be a direct connection to media hype and focus on form rather than substance – of which all agreed the recent Dove adds did alot to meet the “average ” woman out there. Very interesting topic indeed.

We also looked at stress and it’s impact on health and explored connections to anxiety and depression.
Teens and how they are coping with HSC and preparation for Uni or the “big world” and resounding support was the theme for a ” do your best ” attitude rather than focussing on unrealistic expectations.

And to remember whilst HSC is important and it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t get your ATAR, talk to people,school counsellor/ advisor, family and friends if you are feeling pressured, have a look at your options there is always another perspective just remember to look for it.

Some TIPS for maintaining balance:
Exercise and fresh air
Nutrition – eat well and drink plenty of water- helps with brain function
Relaxation , whether that be meditation or contemplating your navel.
Fun, get out and have some fun remember to look for alternative perspectives.

This week we explore the impact of drugs and alcohol so tune in, we’d love to hear your thoughts.Until then have a great day 🙂

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