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A happy, content person eats a healthy balanced diet, stays physically fit and treats food as simply fuel for daily energy. For some however food is often used for comfort, entertainment or a temporary shelter blocking out painful memories and uncomfortable emotions.

This behaviour is often unconscious and automatic, for change to occur we need be consciously aware and create new patterns of behaviour and ways of being, daily journal entries will assist you to clarify your emotional, mental states, energy levels and identify any connections to foods / beverages that alter any of your states in an unhealthy way.

All food is a chemical compound, some naturally occurring some artificially produced without going into a complex breakdown some foods act as an anti depressant for example when we look at the combination of effects from the ingredients in chocolate ice-cream.

Ingredient / CharacteristicMood / Energy Effects
L-Tryptophane mixed with Carbohydrate
Phenyl ethylamine (PEA – the love drug)
Theo bromine
Creamy Texture
Feeling Loved
Temporarily Energizing
Temporarily Energizing
Temporarily Energizing
Pleasure Inducing
Calming and Filling
Temporarily Energizing


This is just a partial list!

Therefore it’s easy to see how we can create addictions to food for comfort, energy and relaxation.

Obviously managing these types of foods and replacing them with healthier options assists the restoration of normal bodyweight, composition and eliminates mood swings and energy surges or slumps that occur as a consequence to the over consumption of these types of foods.

As everyone is different an individual assessment, approach and plan is essential. When we measure and understand the impact of foods and beverages on behaviours we can better manage and deal with the consequences to our physical, emotional, mental and energetic wellbeing.

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