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To be human requires both the investment in faith and the support of reason, as well as connection to soul and consciousness through our human essence, which is dictated by a certain type of life as known to human existence.

To be human is to have a mind that develops as a part of the physical body as in the brain. Humans are born with a certain brain capacity for development of the mind and whilst Consciousness and Faith aren’t physical the Soul is experienced interchangeably through faith, belief and a knowing that is all beyond the scope of the rational mind.

Human beings are relational and require love and nurturing to survive. If in the event of withholding of love, affection, care, tenderness in communication a condition develops known as “Failure to Thrive”.

Human developmental psychologists now know due to past experiences like the Romanian orphanages after the overthrow of Nicolae Ceausescu where 130,000 children where paced in orphanages due the dictators misguided belief he could improve the economy by boosting the population. These children whilst they had their most basic needs met like food, water, shelter the sheer volume of orphans created an inability for the carers to attend to more than their basics and many died or became severely developmentally impaired due to lack of human contact, mirroring, love and affection. Failure to thrive threatens Human existence.

According to Aristotle, it is our Soul which holds the Human essence, it is our soul that dictates everything about us, reveals our capabilities and structure and gives rise to our capabilities.

To nurture the soul requires an interpersonal relationship which is based on your Consciousness and Faith, experienced interchangeably through expressions and actions of faith, belief and the inner knowing that is all beyond the scope of the rational mind.

Till we meet again, Vanessa x

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