Happiness is just another state of our potential as human beings to experience, feel celebrate and for some suppress. All emotions are purposeful to help us to navigate the inner experience and make connections with and to our external experiences demonstrated in relationships, work, hobbies etc.

For many happiness appears elusive because it is contingent of when I… ( fill in the space) rather than I am. Our capacity to choose our states is definitely relevant to our early conditioning and the wonderful thing is we can unlearn that which has become an inhibitor to the experiencing life as we choose, mainly because we don’t know consciously yet what we don’t know and we will choose that which is most familiar. That which we focus on becomes our reality is often refered to self fulfilling prophecies and therefore affecting one’s sense of self efficacy (what do I do when things go wrong) and mastery the continuous practice of self efficacy establishing a “success model”.

There is a positive relationship between self-efficacy and mastery orientation as a person with a belief they will achieve greater success, goal attainment and or rewards through reflective practices relating to previous errors enhance their focus, commitment and motivation toward mastery of any given task or undertaking by continual test and measure. An example in this report is of a student’s movement toward academic achievement using exam results to highlight areas for improvement, greater research and or assistance from academic resources like teachers, lecturers workshops and or high achieving peers, growth and continued improvement is based on an attitude of perseverance will improve performance.

Self-efficacy refers to peoples’ judgments about their abilities to complete a task. Goal orientations refer to the motives that people have for completing tasks, which may include developing and improving ability (mastery goals), demonstrating ability (performance-approach goals), and hiding lack of ability (performance- avoidance goals)… (Pei-Hsuan, Hsieh, Sullivan, Guerra, 2007).

In essence with the right blend of support, care, consideration and appreciation for the individuals needs, learning styles, challenges and gaps in comprehension being addressed by self and invested parties for the improvement of self directed goals and outcomes advanced levels of mastery are attainable, for a person to know this requires a deep sense of self, one’s needs and then how to have them met to achieve and support development in academic as well as life pursuits. The attention, beliefs about the individual’s capacities by the teacher, parent, peers and community deeply impact overall performance of an individual. Therefore surrounding yourself with “like-minded” people who support your world view enhances your experience of the “chosen” state and accompanying emotions, thoughts, beliefs and actions making happiness and any other desirable emotion accessible with practice, support and developing a what works for me attitude while respecting the rights, values and views of others. Author: Vanessa Auditore Vanessa Auditore is the director of Success HQ Follow Us At Success HQ we specialise in wholistic wellness & development solutions. We support and empower our clients through Coaching, Counselling, Health and Wellbeing services creating improvement in life and living with with purpose. vanessa@successhq.com.au

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