Many hold false logic over the differences between men and woman when it comes to emotions, relationships, love and personal growth… truth is in my experience working with both as a Coach and Counsellor while we may express ourselves differently that is where they (the differences) end. Maybe it’s time to realise this and co create differently?
Vanessa Auditore

The following article is one man’s perspective, enlighten yourself and take a look.

Understanding our feelings first allows us to set healthy boundaries for ourselves. There is the inclination for many of us to keep using the same defense mechanisms over and over again. Since each situation is different, it is important that we reflect upon what we need to do to communicate our needs and establish boundaries that work for us in each given situation. This means that instead of learning to guard ourselves, each time we feel uncomfortable we must learn to evaluate what would ease communication so that we feel better. Knowing your feelings today will help you create an environment that works well for you.
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