Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.
John Maxwell

Our reactions can be reflected upon, accepted for the opportunity they bring forward in our awareness and changed to a response, which is often far easier to deal with and makes for better choices to realign ourselves to our personal values.

Reactions are, after all a primal response to an internal / external stimulus, it’s our job as evolved human beings to take that reaction all the way through to the neo cortex making decisions from our capacity for higher order thinking incorporating emotions, then take appropriate action.

It’s always good to stop and reflect in any situation that causes a reaction as things are sometimes not what you originally thought or are as exactly how you originally thought.

Confused? well sometimes we allow “massaging” of our discernment either through another’s intention or of our own desire for something or someone to be a certain way that fits better with your imaginings.

This is often based on beliefs about how things should / could / would be rather than how they actually are in that present moment.

Hence the reaction as that reality dawns on us which started this blog in the first place.

So stop , slow down , consider what you are reacting to, how you feel about it, how does it challenge your current reality and does anything require change?

Remember you are the only one who can change you, you have no power over another to change even if you perceive you do as eventually the other will return to their own internal beliefs and reality.
Hence the frustrations that cause arguments (reactions) in relationships, fundamentally no one will change until and if they are ready, so maybe your reaction is alerting you to different realities and action is required to return you to a different reaction like happiness, peace, joy etc.

Of course if you are already experiencing peace, love , joy most of the time then respond with enjoyment of this.

Remember no emotion is good or bad just information, along with rational thought to help to navigate your life!

Till next time
Vanessa x

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