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The root problem?
When our brain picks up a danger signal, it automatically shifts out of ‘learning mode’ into ‘protective mode.’

The subconscious works somewhat like the operating system on our computer.

If we hold beliefs that automatically activate our body’s “fight or flee” response, for example, they do not allow us to listen, know and understand one another in ways that help us to grow and to heal.

These beliefs are akin to viruses that jam the communication network of our brain and body.

Very simply, when our survival response is activated, it high-jacks our thinking brain.

To our mind and body, we are facing an enemy threat, such as a tiger in the jungle, and it prepares us to either fight it off or run

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article by Athena Staik, Ph.D.

Vanessa Auditore Human Behaviour & Well being specialist works with clients one to one or in groups in her St Leonards NSW centre to facilitate change and create the lives, careers and relationships that every individual yearns for. To make an appointment contact

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