How change occurs is through the cycles of equilibrium (homeostasis) and disequilibrium.

All living things, which includes you and I are bound by the laws of homeostasis (Homeostasis is the term we use to describe the constant state of the internal environment.

The processes and activities that help to maintain homeostasis are referred to as homeostatic mechanisms.


This concept of equilibrium operates across all the bodies for example cognition (mental) emotional, physical & energetic.

When something occurs thats creates disequilibrium in any or all of these bodies, then the natural instinctive drive to restore equilbrium occurs thus reducing pain of the imbalance, this can be physical illness, emotional discord, mental thoughts or beliefs that are creating stress ie: Im just not good enough to have ……. in my life etc.

At this point we have “stimulated growth” opportunities, which is what the purpose of

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