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(You can sign up for as many as you’re ready to take on right now!)

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Resilience project

If the past couple of years have taught us anything,
it’s that resilience matters – a lot!

When you become your most resilient self, you’re equipped
to tackle all life situations
and produce better outcomes for yourself.

In this program, you’ll understand how to…

build strength, flexibility, and resilience through thoughts, actions and motivations.

Learn how to move through change with ease, deal with the unexpected successfully, and learn the most from all your experiences.

Ready to become your best version both in business and in life?

What’s included in this 6-month program:



Eager to improve your personal and professional relationships while you increase your inspiration and motivation to go after all your goals?

Tapping into your highest levels of emotional intelligence will help you navigate through life with newfound stability, helping you better understand social situations, other people and yourself to create better outcomes.

improve your emotional intelligence through awareness, knowledge and action.

What’s included in this online 4 MODULE COURSE (for only $899):


Ready to navigate life with a refreshed sense of stability and calm?

What Clients Say

"Vanessa has been my trusted coach and advisor for a number of years now.

She supports my professional and personal growth and has worked with a number of my team across a myriad of development goals. Her deep wisdom, experience, empathy and intuition have been completely transformative for me.

Vanessa has a gentle way of pushing you to deeply understand how your behaviour and thoughts influence your decisions and then holds you accountable to applying those tools to continue to grow and thrive."

"Transformative. Thought provoking. And straight shooting. Those? are the words that spring straight to mind as soon as I think of Vanessa.

She has the power to take the confetti from your brain, dot connect it, translate it, help you understand it, whilst also inviting you to see how it influences and impacts your decisions in business, relationships and life.

She is someone who takes the time to see you. The real you.

And that is rare, in today’s world."

"I have had the privilege and pleasure of being a client of Vanessa's for the past four years and would not be living the full, joyful, challenging life I am today without her help.

Her ability to fuse psychology, positive psychology, somatic therapy, family systems, and trauma-informed practices together has enabled me to heal childhood abuse, fractured family relationships, maintain a strong marriage, be the mother I want to be and build a thriving business.

I highly recommend Vanessa for anyone wanting to do the work to live a life they love."

tap into your STRENGTHS

How would feelings stronger, more aligned, and better equipped to take on anything feel for you?

A 4-week course to better understand your unique strengths and amplify their impact.

What’s included (for only $899):

When you understand what you’re best at, you can consistently step into your zone of genius to hone in on your abilities and produce better results both in your professional and personal life.

For only $899, you can get an entire program valued at $1,574. 

Ready to invest in yourself?

know your values

A 4-week course…
to better understand your core values and
how they drive your decisions.

Our values are our personal north star. To shine as bright as we’re meant to, getting clarity of your core values and living in alignment with them is key!

What’s included (for only $899):

When you know what drives your decisions, you can accelerate the process. Knowing your core values helps you gain perspective about what matters most to you, and how you can apply that to live a life more aligned with your dreams.

For only $899, you can get an entire program valued at $1215.

Ready to invest in yourself?

the wheel of life

A 4-week course to assess and understand how balanced your life is currently and where you can focus to improve it.

For only $899, you can get an entire program valued at $1215.

Ready to invest in yourself?

Look at the ‘spokes’ in your wheel of life spokes – health, work, finances, relationships, fun, personal growth, spiritual health.

Has your wheel of life got the right balance? Or are you closer to going flat?

A more traditional approach to personal and professional coaching that helps you balance the wheel of life.

What’s included (for only $899).

Vanessa Auditore

My Integrated Coaching and Therapy Model is a powerful fusion of Transpersonal Coaching, Counselling, Family Systems, Psycho-Social and Developmental Psychology.

I help Individuals work through the messy, complicated “stuff” and master their head and heart space to create lasting change.

I help Entrepreneurs and Businesses develop self-aware, autonomous Leaders and Teams that achieve commercial and personal success without getting lost in the process.

Ready to reimagine your life and make your vision a reality?

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