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People are fascinating creatures how we think, live and play sometimes within the boundaries of what is considered the “norm” and many branching far beyond.

Recently I have had the privilege of meeting many people who fall outside of the standard norms, unique individuals doing the best they can with what they have and the common factor is the choice to live life as they decide… refreshing.

These individuals are exactly that .

In today’s world we are often confronted with standards that simply do not fully grasp or support the deeper needs of the individual.

Conforming is no longer an option because it feels like a straight jacket designed by someone else’s views, values moral and / or standards.

I can only express my gratitude and honour the way that life has helped to shape and contour a life left of centre.

Most intriguing to me at present is love, intimacy and connection, we all need, want and desire a life filled with these opportunities.

Often people of both genders are restricted by the past conditioning that they are stuck and feel unable to find a release this causes the “held back” energy to be released in whatever way it finds a path. At times this can be painful and also filled with subtle joy, release and relief.

Our paths through life are purposeful and valid for each person seeking to find a deeper connection regardless of the who, the what or the how and judgement is also no longer an option, the path to self is through acceptance of what is and then and only then are we able to make conscious choices about what is no longer acceptable, thus paving the way for a life that we choose to live.

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