Vanessa Auditore – Love Coach on Thank Goodness he’s a Country Boy, glamour team discusses relationship realities.

Relationships are organic, ever evolving experiences that roll together to create an ideal expression of that which is in our hearts.
Successful relationships are essentially an exchange of needs, wants and desires being met with another person, reflecting the values and qualities of our most cherished dreams of connection with another.
Romance and relationship therefore can represent very different things as can romanticising a person whom ends up mot meeting that expectation and can lead to disappointment.
Its important that a new couple discover through discussion, shared experiences and realistic expectation what they hold true for themselves and what that actually looks like on the ground, in a day to day life.
Of course communication is of paramount importance and that doesn’t mean talking at each other it means listening to each other and measuring our response through our own perception and a sense of empathy for the anothers.

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