Written in careful chalk along the the bare brick walls of a house a few streets away from where I live, these words (in the photo) seem to form a kind of urban haiku:

“Love is a place”

Does that feel true for you?
Is that how you could perceive of love?
If so, where is this place of love in your life?

Just take a moment to consider it… maybe get to know it a little better…

Is it a place that’s close to you, or far away at the moment?

Do you inhabit it, or is it a good day’s trek away?

What kind of place might it be? What would it look like for you?

Love can be one of those things that, the more you ponder it, the slipperier it gets… harder to define than it is to feel, maybe…
But maybe it’s easier to get a handle on if you think less about what love is, but where.

So where is this place called love in your life?

Is is housed in your body somewhere?
Or in a land of memories or wishes?
Is it a verdant garden that you tend, or a place that’s parched and fading?

Is it a physical place, like the bricks-and-mortar home this street art statement in the photo is written on?

Or does it inhabit more ethereal spaces – maybe like the space between you and someone else. (And so maybe that space, that place, shifts a bit, depending on who it’s shared with.)

Perhaps, as the street art suggests, love is a place of sorts…

And, if it is, maybe it’s the kind of place that can be both the destination and the journey – the place you’re going to and the place you already are…

Source: The therapist within

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