The weekend was a blast from start to finish, Brie did a magnificent job organizing, coordinating and ensuring a fantastic, fun, glamorous weekend was had by all.

Christian Marchegiani offered a strong masculine presence and clear to see dynamic support over the weekend assisting in the smooth running of Brie’s Peters event Thank Goodness He’s a Country Boy singles event.

The production team and crew are a very creative bunch with an eye for detail and true human interest, I am looking forward to seeing the footage 🙂

The rest of the Team:
Shae from 2Shae designs really wowed the girls with simple yet stunning transformations through accessorising… I never realised the true power of bracelets, rings, scarfs, belts and hats to name a few, Thank you Shae inspiring

Nat Chapman from Natalie Chapman Designs small in stature and iconic in creative flair and design the girls loved her fun fresh styles and friendly demeanour, I know the single girls felt very special in her designs.

Brie’s Glamour Team, hair and makeup geniuses, all the girls looked stunning, Brie’s mum Allison Peters was such a hoot she was heard to say ” all the girls are just too bloody beautiful I just can’t stand it, not to mention the special demo with the mirror Al, I have photos !!!!

Special thanks to Bianca Wignal & Jess from Jess & James salon In Tamworth from me I love your work ! xx (I have an up close and personal video with Jess that I will load later in the week).

The RA Look, I don’t think I’ve meet a more switched on creative team than these two stunning ladies, the Thank Goodness he’s a Country Boy magazine is a great read, fantastic job, thanks for making art out of our musings 🙂

From me Relationship Coach – Love 101, I had the absolute pleasure of a coaching session with Monica in prep for Date Night on Saturday, also I have a catch up video (also to be posted later in the week)with Monica later Saturday night after the party got started to see what she had discovered about Love, Romance and Dating a how the tips we discussed were working out for her, you guessed it filmed in the ladies powder room where all good girlie conversations take place!!

Brie’s assorted support crew thank you sooo much, wonderful to work with such a lovely bunch of people

The beautiful, friendly fun single ladies, well a few not so single now!!, thank you for sharing your journey with me such a pleasure to meet you.

The guys of Tamworth I have to say I was so impressed by you all, handsome, hardworking, honest and you know what I loved the most … you can communicate, emotions and all!!!, and as I’ve already raved about dance up a storm!

Finally for the curtain call Brie Peters founder of Thank Goodness he’s a Country Boy, fantastic concept excellent delivery and superb success, CONGRATULATIONS Brie well deserved smashing success

There will be more magic moments from the weekend to share over the coming weeks….stay tuned,

Yours in Love, Vanessa Auditore xx

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