Relationships are an art form based on love, compassion, empathy and true intimacy. Even though sometimes it may feel like a forgotten art form, it is there none the less waiting to be rediscovered.

Recently I began taking Salsa classes and after my second class (absolute beginner) it was bought to my attention through the variety of skill levels with my dance partners that guidance comes through the hands of a capable strong leader and the role of the person being guided through the strength of those hands, what’s required in holding a frame and to be able to sense through touch of absolute strangers hands holding yours to guide and direct the steps without words. It is intuitive.

Relationships are similar that way, not in the sense that our partners are strangers more so that we may be strangers to each others styles and that we do need to trust the guidance we receive through non verbal communication and a strong partnership where each knows how to lead and be lead well regardless of their form or individual style.

Dance is such a passionate bridge between the heart and body without the mind always leading the way and I think this is important facet of love , connection and relationship with ourselves and others that deserves a little or lot more practice depending on our own personal perspectives.

Movement with another frees the soul and shifts the cobwebs that our day to day routines create, and did I mention it is feels great, flows, loosens and creates a sense of knowing, trust and intimacy.

Highly recommend dancing, movement and rediscovering all that intimacy held firmly in a trusting relationship has to offer!


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