When your heart opens to love everything seems easier. Things seem to flow a little better, the sun and stars seem to shine a little brighter. Nothing really is a bother or too much or too little, it is all just right.

Somewhere in the world is a special someone who makes everything worthwhile, that is not to say you aren’t just fine anyway, just a little more of everything, a little deeper a little brighter.

Love I think finds and leaves us this way because it is something so deliciously simple that we don’t wish to control.

In the absence of control then there is letting go.

Letting go, surrendering going with the flow is a pure state of freedom, of peace and joy if you allow your heart to open and dance along, it may even skip a beat.

A new space in time a new day spending special time with those that you love listening to their voice as it caresses your soul, your heart, mind and being.

The tone in their voice opens a sacred space deep within that only that voice holds the key, it a quizzical experience to be observed and seen.

Love opens more doors than it closes and heals more hearts than it wounds.
Vanessa Auditore

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